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Scariest mumma mommrnt occurred this week. I got Archie up on Tuesday morning and he had his bottle like usual although this time when he had finished he projectile vomited the whole lot then stopped breathing. Thank god I didn’t freeze and remembered what to do and he is fine now but it was horrible. For a split second i thought he was going to die. After the ordeal he slept on and off for 20 hours and when he was awake he was screaming and refused to feed. I held him tight and refused to put him down. He stayed in my arms and slept in my bed for 3 days. I dont think ill ever really get over it.

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Anonymous asked: Ohmygoodness, Archer is such a cutie!!!

Aw thank you :) I think he is a bit of a cutie bum and those ears of his get me everytime x

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5 things about me

1. I collect genie lampsfrom around the world
2. I own a piece of land in a forest in Scotland
3. My husband and I can legally title ourselves as Sir and Lady. We have the paperwork to prove it
4. I was named after my mums favorite doll
5. At 26 im a stroke survivor

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Wonder Weeks

Archie is now 3.5 months old and is a week into the latest leap. The only problem is that this developmental leap last up to 36 days and includes sleep regression… seiously I feel like a freaking zombie right now. He has been waking ever 2 hours from 7pm until 4am. Then at 4am he decides he wants to start the day… Im so sleep deprived its not funny and I still have another 30 days at least of this. well played wonder weeks… well played

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